The media landscape continues to evolve and today’s communication professional needs to develop the agile skill set necessary to adapt, thrive and solve tomorrow’s challenges.

MEDIASHI provides the training, resources and best practices at the convergence of public relations, digital marketing, multimedia production and journalism that today’s professional needs to thrive in this new environment.

As the roles of public relations and marketing departments continue to merge, each needs to develop new, multidisciplinary approaches that include both strategic and tactical insight within their fields.

That often also includes doing more with less and either identifying or becoming that team leader who can pivot from press releases or email marketing strategies to producing the company podcast or engineering the next live video webinar for potential customers.

Journalism faces the same challenges as the lines between print, radio and television news quickly fade away and the industry searches for new business models and professionals equipped to lead them.

MEDIASHI understands the dynamism of this moment from the newsroom to the boardroom and envisions preparing a new generation of media professionals with the skills, insight and strategy necessary to shape tomorrow.



MEDIASHI supports today’s emerging media professionals by developing the multi-disciplinary skills and insight needed to thrive in today’s evolving media environment and re-shape tomorrow’s communication landscape.